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What is the average body temperature in human?

Normal body temperature which is also known as normothermia or euthermia depends on the place in the body at which the measurement is made and also the time of the day and level of activity of the person. It is measured in order to see the body’s actual health in case one is suspected to be sick. Scientifically, body temperature is the capability of producing heat as well as getting rid of heat simultaneously.

The normal body has the capability of maintaining the internal temperatures even in circumstances when the outside environment becomes too hot or too cold. For a normal human the normal temperatures of the body is generally around 98 degree Fahrenheit which is equivalent to 37 degrees Celsius range.

Blood pressure magazine providing more explanation of the body temperature:

For humans, healthy body temperature is generally around 98 degree Fahrenheit (36.4-37 degree Celsius range). The mechanism of the body to normalize the body is quite amazing. When the weather gets too hot, the vessels will begin to expand and, so the person experiences sweating. Yes, sweating is a way of regulating the temperature from different factors like the outside weather, physical activity and many more. When the surroundings get too cold, the blood vessels narrows down. This is to preserve the heat that is produced in the body. This is where the person shivers. Shivering means that the human body is contracting the muscles as it needs to conserve the heat as much as possible.

How to measure it

It is essential to have the knowledge of how to measure the average body temperature especially to mothers who need to take care of their children. Most fevers that occur due to high temperatures in children are very serious conditions and require the attention of a physician. Some of the different ways on how to measure it:

Use of oral methods. This is the most common method of measuring body temperature where by the thermometer is placed inside the mouth for some few minutes and accurately measures the temperature. It is convenient especially to children. The normal temperature that should be recorded is 98 degrees Fahrenheit, anything higher than that indicates fever while lower temperatures means hypothermia or simply low body temperature.

Measurement on the armpit. This is alternative option for those people who are not comfortable with taking their temperatures in the mouth. Armpit measurement provides a less accurate result as compared to the first method and the thermometer might stay in the armpit for a longer period of time than when it is placed in the mouth. A temperature of 37 degrees Celsius is an indication that the person has a normal body temperature.

Rectal Measurement. As compared to the above two methods, this is the most accurate one. Here the thermometer is inserted in the anus and accurately measures the internal temperatures much faster. This method is usually done when the person cannot move or when the baby needs a checkup for the health condition.

The above three body parts can be considered to obtain the temperatures of the body. Today there are lots of tools to measure the body temperature one of which is the electronic gadgets. These electronic gadgets are operated using batteries and can measure the temperature in a very accurate manner. The gadget has a timer and an indicator in order to determine if the tool is finished measuring the temperature.

Natural remedies to normalize or drop the average temperature of the body in human

The mechanism through which the body normalize the body is amazing. The body can drop the temperatures through treating with activities and adjustments which will lead to sweating as a result of expansion of blood vessels. Sweating is a way of regulating the temperature from different factors such as physical activity and outside weather. After sweating the person can remove layers of clothing, have a bath and take a rest which will help normalize the temperature.

Another remedy is treating with products such as eating foods, drinking herbal tea, making apple water and also taking garlic soaked in water. This will help lower down the temperatures of the body.


These are all the basics characteristics that are needed to maintain the average body temperature. As they say prevention is better than cure therefore early diagnosis helps promote better treatment as well as reduced hospital expenses. For additional information about body temperature please check http://bloodpressuremagazine.com.

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