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Top 5 Tips To Stop Drinking: How You Can Quit Drinking Alcohol

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For a very long, time now, governments and non-governmental organizations have put in a spirited fight to help people stop drinking in vain. Instead, new followers are initiated into alcoholism each new day.

What one wonders is how alcoholics defy the painful experiences, detrimental health risks, and the hefty costs that come along with drinking alcohol that they still find it difficult if not impossible to quit the nasty drinking behavior. To be frank, it is not difficult to quit alcoholism. As long as you are determined and willing to quit, be rest assured that nothing under the sun can bar you from attaining your goal. For this reason, here are the top five ways to quit drinking.

1. Stay away from places that are likely to draw your attention to alcohol.

Immediately you start avoiding bars and other places that are likely to increase your craving for alcohol, you will start ripping the good benefits of living a non-alcoholic life. Try as much as possible to avoid your alcoholic “buddies” as they are likely to draw you back to where you came. In other words, make a sacrifice and avoid anything linking you with alcoholism and all your alcoholic friends. With such an important choice, it becomes easy for to quit alcoholism.

2. Clear your cupboard.

Ensure that you get rid of all the alcoholic drinks and beverages in your house. Keeping such drinks in your cupboard or living room can easily instigate your thirst for alcohol. Therefore, to avoid the unnecessary temptations, clear off all the alcohol in the cupboard or your living room. In addition, dispose all the empty bottles as they can sometimes have the same effect as the presence of alcohol itself in the living room.

3. visualize

Picture how you will look in the near future without drinking alcohol. Visualization is very important, as helps you plan for a good future. Therefore, learn to take time off alone, and think of yourself, how successful you will be if you stop drinking; how much you will achieve after a certain period of non-alcoholic life, and it will help you quit alcohol with ease.

4. Make new friends

Intuitively, friends have greater impacts on some of the decisions we make and some of the things we do. Meaning, if you make friends with non-alcoholics it becomes easy to quit drinking, as they are likely to have a positive impact on your decision to quit drinking. Most importantly, you must remain positive throughout the period, as you will find it difficult to cope with your new friends at the beginning, but as the time goes everything becomes normal.

5. Seek help and eat healthy foods

Ensure that you share your problems with friends, relatives, and family members whom you think can really help you to understand how you can quit drinking alcohol. Tell them that you want to quit alcoholism and that you need their help and advice regarding the matter. Also, replace the alcohol with healthy food to help rebuild some of the worn out body tissues and detoxify your body from the harmful alcoholic chemicals.

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